Next online IoPT Cafe July 18th 2024

Warm welcome in the online IoPT Café. This initiative is started to offer a place where we can meet each other and where we can invite people who are interested in IoPT, who are curious about healing from trauma and who feel an inner wish to join the meeting. Every meeting has an IoPT-related topic.

It is my deepest wish to offer a place where you can engage as much or as little as feels right for you and where you have an opportunity to connect and get inspired.

In the next online IoPT Cafe Jenny Hansen will give a presentation about ‘Breastfeeding as an expression of Love’. This meeting is scheduled on Thursday, July 18th, 2024, from 3 pm CEST/Amsterdam time to 5 pm CEST. The zoom room opens at 2.45 pm CET.

Presentation by Jenny Hansen

Jenny Hansen is an IoPT practitioner and -trainer. During her own training and a search for a ‘right’ method of parenting, she discovered that healthy parent-child relationships cannot be created through any parenting concept, but are a natural consequence  of knowing who we truly are and the establishment of a healthy, loving connection with ourselves.

 She will give a presentation on the topic of ‘Breastfeeding as an expression of Love’.

To sign up for the event, please send an email to Nanneke at Once you have signed up you will be kept updated about the future online IoPT Café meetings. You will find more meeting dates here.

Feel free to invite your friends and to let others know about these events.

Warm welcome.