Online IoPT Café meeting June 25th 2024

Presentation by Rens Meijkamp about ‘Wheel of Transformation, by healing trauma’.

Rens Meijkamp (1967) originally holds a PhD in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. After a career as a consultant and as a manager at large municipal organizations, he has developed through life experience, study and training courses in ‘people work’.

Rens: “Based on my theoretical insights and personal work with hundreds of clients, I have developed a PROCESS MODEL for healing trauma. I want to introduce that process model because it can provide insight and guidance into the process of healing and integration of trauma. I call the process model the “WHEEL-OF-TRANSFORMATION”.”

Online IoPT Café meeting May 30th 2024

Presentation by Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Cherionna is a prenatal and birth therapist, movement therapist and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Drawing on 45 years experience, her background includes an M.A. in Somatic Psychology (Dance/Movement Therapy) and a Ph.D. in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. Originally from Canada, Cherionna lives in Devon, UK, with Franklyn. As well as teaching and facilitating small womb surround process workshops online, she has a private practice currently focused on supervision and mentoring, often online. Cherionna is committed in her work & life to embodied presence.

Cherionna gave a presentation on the topic of Pre- and Perinatal Development. It is Cherionna’s passion to share and bring more awareness about Prenatal and Birth Experience and thier Lifelong Influences on our lifes. With her presentations, the training modalities she offers and with her books, she invites and encourages us all to embody who we truly are. Understanding more about pre- and perinatal development can support you in becoming more conscious about your own experiences.