About IoPT

Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT)

IoPT contains important theoretical concepts on the topics of trauma, trauma survival and identity and is developed over 30 years by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert. In this theory and method, Identity is defined as ’the accumulation of all my experiences from the moment I am created’. IoPT is about the question: ‘Who actually am I’ and about a detailed understanding of what trauma is, and the influence and impact of trauma on understanding who I am. It is about the need to split off trauma feelings early in life at the moment when trauma happens, and to survive by survivalstrategies. It is also about understanding the impact of trauma on our behaviour in the here and now. It is not about fingerpointing to the outside. It is about the question ‘and how did the traumatic exprerience impacted us’.

“All the trauma in the world comes originally from children trying to adjust to environments that are sometimes crazily impossible for them to understand and manage.” Vivian Broughton – “Who Am I? – Trauma & Identity”, 2021

As Franz wrote in the foreword of Vivian’s book “Trauma and Identity”: “IoPT is now an international community that learns, practices and is constantly self-developing on the basis of mutual respect for one another…. working online has enabled people from all continents to come together in one place. And when we do that, we see that we have far more in common that we thought, and that the differences that we think separate us from each other are far less.”

“All we need to process is stored in our body and our psyche and appears in the IoPT session when we need it.”
Franz Ruppert – founder of IoPT

Finding IoPT Practitioners

If you are interested to find IoPT practitioners you can have a look at a list of IoPT practitioners on the website of Franz Ruppert and on the website of Vivian Broughton.

There are also practitioners in the Netherlands and Belgium working with the IoPT theory, it is called IZR in the Netherlands.

Find here more information about IoPT in Norway and Asia

Books about IoPT

Books written by Franz Ruppert.

Books written by Vivian Broughton.

Videos about IoPT

Videos and podcasts by Franz Ruppert.

Videos by Vivian Broughton.