online IoPT Café meeting March 26th 2024

Presentation by Katrina Mikiah

Katrina Mikiah is an IoPT Practitioner based in Missoula, Montana. She studied last year at the Institute for Trauma Work in Norway and embarked on an IoPT focused study of the traumatizing effects of religion. She started her own study exploring this topic and wrote an article. Katrina has been “specifically interested in exploring what happens when children are born into religious systems with a negative view of human nature, strict dogma, and a black and white understanding of right and wrong with harsh and unceasing consequences for “wrong” behavior. It is logical that those who are part of religious communities, unless they are there under force, likely feel that religion has a positive influence on their lives. In her article she explores how religion can also have a negative impact on the formation of a healthy identity and, in that sense, be traumatizing.”